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About this City Journal

Dobro pozhalovat' v Respublike !

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first i have to apologize, i won't continuing my project of Soviyya.

i thanked to all people who gives me every likes, ratings, comments & critiques.

and this new journal is the substitute of Soviyya with many aspect changed after the reading the suggestions.

The brand new Tsaritsyn is now a part of Slavovia



Tsaritsyn is the capital of Slavovia Republic, a center of government and culture since ancient Slavovia



Tsaritsyn located on Tsarskaya Region, a metropolitan area with more than 2 millions people



As like any capital of countries in the world, Tsaritsyn is a lively city. Tsaritsyn is the second busiest city in Slavovia after Aleksandregrad, the economic center in the Southern Slavovia.



Government Center in Tsaritsyn built in an fortified complex in the bank of Morva River, design & starting the construction began in early 18th century for the North Side of the complex



The South Side completed in late 18th century



here is an open big plaza outside the Kremlin named as "Republik Square", here is also a memorial museum of Slavovia's leaders from time to time. across the Plaza, we can found the Legislative House of Slavovia.



a bit walk by foot, we can see amazing Cathedral of Great Motherland, the most iconic building in Tsaritsyn, even Slavovia.

more, around the Kremlin :



Cer Exploratori Monument



Vanslova Terminus Station



Miaskaya Plaza



Poklonskaya Park



The "Great East" Bridge

Thanks for watching my City Journal, hope i can finish the next journal after final exam. See you!


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