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About this City Journal

After spending many days, perhaps weeks in chat. The time has come for me to attempt at the creation and maintenance of my first CJ. I'll make the long description for everyone in the first post.

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome dear reader or perhaps in the future YouTube video watcher!

You've stumbled into the adventures of WingsLTD in SimCity 2013, and my first region that will see the light of day, and possibly the fires of the afterlife.

I'm going against the nature of all and creating the journal in Online Multiplayer NON Sandboxed with mods that are pretty helpful that should not alter the gameplay experience too much, but everyone will be able to see how they are turning out live.

The Mods:


Drones Galore

Regional Freeway

Multi Plopper

Perfect Road Guides

Yep, that's about all mods I'll be using.


What all dlc/expansions do you have?

I have the Digital Deluxe upgrade for the SC& CoT. I hadn't heard about SC2013 until the pre-order bonuses had long but past me by, so sadly I have no arcology launcher to share, but that is OK. We can hopefully have some great adventures in this.

What types of cities will you be creating for our viewing pleasure?

Well..I'm a man of many tastes..mostly unrefined ones that are simplistic at best, though that will not stop me from attempting to create some of the best cities you may see this year, or perhaps the most mediocre online cities you've ever witnessed.

The point will be to have fun, to share my adventure through city creation..destruction, re-creation, and finally the ultimate perfection for my city.

I'll have interesting tales about the city, and if I destroy it for a rebuild, you'll probably hear some outlandish reasons on why the city was destroyed, because there's nothing like a very long..absurd tale to tickle our minds.

Without further wait, let's get rockin!

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