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An attempt on east asian styled CJ

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Dense residential area

Looks so cool. Is that a night light mod or photoshop work?

Thanks! well it mostly made by LRM mod which cames from Japanese streetside mod but I also add some photoshop

Good looking night lights! Very cool.


I have the same question! Looks so cool ! How did you do it??

Thanks! use LRM mod

Is this Mandelsoft light mod? Looks really good!

Yes, Thanks!

Lovely nigh shot


oh, how I love Asian CJ's... I used to have one a couple years ago (named Hokkodo) until my computer erased my stuff 3 times... but anyway what i want to say is that this is quite great! (something I would be proud to have created) Great job! ;)

Edit: I also fully understand the struggle of balancing this with RLS

Thanks! I would like to see it if possible :whatevs:. yeah, but RLS come first you know.


A dense neighborhood in East Central Namba. lies a housing for lower income people in this city




Very nice work!


What is that beautiful train texture mod (not the train skin) and catenaries?

Thank you!

the catenaries are from here: http://uki-sim.seesaa.net/article/259839686.html

as always it's beautiful :D

Thank you!

Nice pix!


very well displayed...love that little sandy park in the middle...good job indeed.


Nice entry. Almost all houses are of same pattern/design/look. Are those plopped?

Thanks! no they're growable

Some great planning, just a quick question, where did you get those small, thin apartment buildings, the blue and brown ones. that are identical, i have seen them in many CJs and never seemed to be able to find them, thanks

Thanks! the link are in my comments


Quick update: I have pretty busy days lately (usual RLS syndrome) causing me don't have much time for SC4. in meantime, I might just give this nightshot (still from Minami district, Namba)


That's for today.


Minami District

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Namba city is Nanami's largest city in population. it's home of 9,3 millions Nanamian, while its metropolitan area inhabited by 18 millions people.

Minami district is home for 300k people in Namba, its mainly consist of residential areas:


Minami-namba line rail which serves the southern part of city daily commuters


Kagawa River, a river in southern Namba