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Texca Hills is the capitol of the United Republic. It is the leading city in all areas of commerce and health and has the highest ranking media team in all of the United Republic. You can...

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Welcome to Texca Hills! I hope you enjoy each and every update I make, as all my updates will be Video Updates. Without further ado, here is todays news broadcast. Some pictures will follow. Enjoy!

This is the downtown area of Texca Hills. The city is only 45 years old now and is the capitol of the United Republic region. 


When Texca Hills began, it was a small but booming commercial plaza right from the start. Here is the central core of our beloved city.


Small but not for so long, Texca Hills grew by the thousands per day, and the central quadrant in now full of high rise luxury buildings and condos. 


Aside from being a bustling center for entertainment and relaxation, Texca Hills is a great place to live, with much attraction, it will keep everyone doing something all day.

Apple Store

United Republic Sports Complex

Texca Hills Theatre and Opera


Whether in the core of the city, of high above it, you will be blown away by the beauty and grandeur Texca Hills has to offer.


I know, it looks small, but Texca Hills when finished being populated, will span 9 quadrants for phase one of popularization and another 9-10 after that to end up with about 25 quadrants overall. And i'm just getting started!!

Hope you enjoyed, please come back for the next Texca Hills News video update. 


Discover Yourself! 

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