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About this City Journal

Follow me through various stages of growth as I attempt to create a sort of realistic looking city on a very oddly shaped Island

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome to my city Journal! the first entry of this city journal will basically provide some base info of this project. Lets start off with the map i'll be working on (picture wasn't by me, I forgot to take one before I started to build):


Easy enough huh? Now as im using a sand box mod, Ive limited myself to using only 3 mods for this project:

-One All resource provider (not really needed but still helpful)

-Only one money bank that really doesn't provide much money

-And Sandbox job buildings. they aren't too noticeable but will stand out on data maps

NOTHING ELSE WILL BE MODIFIED. now that that's out of the way lets move on... oh before I forget some of the early stages was not pictured but I will point to where i started from in later updates. well see you next update!

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