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Discovery Delta, tackled with style by Brockist!

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New Found (Finished)

Message from Me!

Well, it's been a while since y'all have heard from me? Yeah?

So after Quincy went and got it self all corrupted, I decided I'd take a break from the whole Simcity series for a while...

Now, I'm back! And better than ever, playing SimCity 2013!

The game I know a lot of you despise, hate, and get very frustrated with. (Lets just say I get frustrated with it sometimes too ;) )

New Found

Main Street (The streetcar avenue) and New Found's entrance, also a bit of the old suburban area left over from the start of the city:


Whidee Avenue (Pronounced: Wide) (Yet again, the streetcar avenue) In Downtown New Found:


Another picture of Main Street, in Downtown New Found:


College Blvd & Whidee Avenue (Whidee is the slightly out of shot road) With a nice shot of New Found's brand new College and expanded Streetcar lines over College Blvd:


New Found Blvd, in Downtown New Found, all prettied up and surrounded with parks and whatnot:


And finally, in all of it's glory, New Found's Downtown overview:


Be sure to leave constructive criticism! I love it :D

Rate, comment, and be sure to click "Follow This Entry"! I'd be so happy if you did! :] Gosh! I can't stop smiling! This is exciting, being back in the groove of things and all that jazz.

Until next time,

- Brockist

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