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After 5 years simexpo is return. In recent months, in my country there is much talk of expo Milan 2015 and then I thought why not organize an exhibition in Sim City.

How candide the my city for SIM EXPO 2014??

It is very easy.In fact, for nominate your city you need to send me a message and then you pass me a photo of the city that you have candidate ,with a small description (goes well in any language). In addition to a photo of the city you also need to pass me a description of how you want to organize the exhibition and a photo of the site that will host the Sim EXPO 2014.If your request goes well you will be notified ,otherwise, it will be for an other time! ;-).

How do you decided the winning city?

the decision of the winning city will be through a popular vote, which will last three days ie 72:00 hours. Everyone will vote and in based on the number of participants we will decide whether to split the vote in groups.

Attend to EXPO

The participation at EXPO 2014 will be even more exciting!

After identifying of the winning city , will be given a time of 5 days in which all the countries concerned can send their request to participate in Sim EXPO 2014. Every week will be made ​​at least 3 articles in which it is called a pavilion and what it exposes. In fact, every country can expose something of special!

Sim EXPO is a moment where you can raise awareness of your country in all its beauty. Expose your Sim Country! ;-)

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