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About this City Journal

The region has two countries, one communist on the west side and a thriving democracy on the east side.

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city of Zaytouch

Zaytouch is the capital of the communist side of Slozac.


The communist side is called West Slozac and the democratic side is called The Republic of Slozac.

Pic of  communist capital:

zaytouchmapa.jpg Please comment!!!


Slozac City was on the coast of the Slozac Bay (pink circle of 1st page map). It was destryed in the second war over oil. (3rd page) 

The goverment moved to the Island behind the old city and kept the name Slozac City. The new island was respectively called New Capital Island. When there were ruins of the old city in view from the new city, the goverment went out and burned the city to the ground, but left a block of ruins for the tourist. 

Ruins: of old city:


Island view: (old city and bay to the bottom of the screen)


Gap from some paint problem8.gif. slozaccitystockd.jpg

Stock exchange on south side of  the island. (divided by Republic of Slozac National Highway 1[H-1])

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History of region

The region was contoled by two state goverments, but the oil in the region was in the center. The center wasn't  inhabated until the oil was found. So, the goverment fought over it by war. Then the UN came in and took control of the oil. The oil now is controled by OPEC and Shipped from an OPEC harbor.

The goverments began to try to find more oil and they did. Another war came but the UN didn't intervean. The line was created and oil sources were divided. The major city on each side became the capital and some cities popped up near the oil fields.



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