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About this City Journal

A fictional world set in Prince Edward Islands, where two nations reside.

Entries in this City Journal



Welcome to Bentonville, a city partly inspired by Chicago's amazing skyline with its bustling mass transit system. You will see a significant difference between the urban planning of Drake Islands and Runzwerlund (Soon to come)

(Oops forgot to disable the UDI icons! Doh!)


The city of Bentonville is a coastal city located in the middle of Drake Islands.

It soon grew to be a major financial center with the hosting of the 1973 World Financial Conference. Below is a historically significant picture of the Executive Team of the Conference:


(Credits: Google and all Meme related websites)

The city made it mandatory that coastal properties be primarily composed of private Residential properties to allow its citizens unlimited access to the beautiful coastline.



More to come for Bentonville!



The Drake Islands - Runzwerlund story is set in Prince Edward Islands, a Canadian Province and Territory.

Credits where credit is due: thank you Bmag for uploading Prince Edward Island map onto STEX.

For the purposes of my CJ and story flow, the Drake Islands is a U.S. Territory that occupies the western half, while Runzwerlund is, well, a Runzwerlund Territory that occupies the eastern half (This is only fictional! I love you Canada!)

In this CJ, we will see an interesting story unfold between the two nations. An act of balancing population growths while maintaining good diplomacy. The two have co-existed peacefully for a long time, but will this continue?

Drake Island Flag:


Official Languages: English, French

Governor: John Doe

Runzwerlund Flag:


Official Language: Runzweriksch. [Ruhns-vuh-lik-sh]

Governor of State: Jaansen Giblik [Yahn-son Kee-Blik]

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