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About this City Journal

The city of Brooksville, a major metro city in its region, Jackson County is a New York styled city with lots of shopping,lodging,offices & more.

Entries in this City Journal


North Brooksville


Brooksville Region View from this entry date.


Welcome to North Brooksville, the old part of the city where all the government buildings are located at. Also, where we begin the adventure of Brooksville!


Welcome to the city hall! It was built in the early 1900s and is identical to the one in our sister city, New York City. This is where you go to tell us of any protesting, proposals for structures, or just to get me in case of emergencies!


Though, not important the North Brooks Golf & Spa is where the middle & upper class go for relaxation from the city life, It's the only one of these in the region so it's heavily popular with the city and other people from Jackson County.


May not be the city's tallest, but the 23 Park Avenue Condos is the tallest building in North Brooksville.


To wrap up the entry, is the 2 bridges to the CBD/Downtown where our next entry awaits.

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