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Thomson State

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The Thomson State is a State borderd by The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, France and Germany. It's a Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy. It's the richest state in...

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     Coat of Arms.                          Flag.

''The Thomson State is located in Western Europe,

borderd by Belgium,monarch.jpg The Netherlands, Germany,

Luxembourg and France.

It's capitol is Carren Springs and the largest city

is Ridgewood.

The State is widely known for it's beautifull hills

and nature. The State area is covered for almost 35% by woods. And is famous for it's

festive traditional holidays like Queens Day, Carnival,

Mid Summer and St Martins Day and New Year's Day.

And that's why the State is often called Swing State.

The State has a maritime climate, with averages

in jan. around 0.C - 2.C and in

august around 23.C - 25.C.''


 Olivian Palace, Carren Springs, Thomson

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