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The Falls of Asgard

The Falls at Asgard


In the backwoods of Northern Daynemark is a tranquil spot known as Asgard Falls. The area, due to its' remoteness, is not visited often, but those lucky few who do trek through the remote woods to find Asgard Falls are in for a spectacle of Mother Nature's artwork.



The Republic of Daynemark

The former Kingdom of Daynemark has returned!

After a long bit of civil unrest the former kingdom is officially a republic and is on its way to becoming a major economic power. With power comes money and with money comes new projects and advantages such as the brand new King George Stadium which will see a number of matches.


What's missing though is a team!

I need you, the viewers to help me with a team name!

Just submit your ideas in the comment box!

Thank you for viewing!

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