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About this City Journal

This section of The Parkland republic focuses on the Union town Metro

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Across the pond there is another city with a majestic skyline and beautiful architecture. Uniontown. The city of Uniontown was founded before Bon and had it's population boost Way before Uniontown became overshadowed by Bon. The buildings are older, the architecture has that 30's feel, and the folks are quite nicer.


Cross tower (tall brown) was the first skyscraper built in Uniontown and to this day, it is the tallest.


Another Shot of Cross tower.


In the 1970's when Interstate 21 was being built through Uniontown, three blocks had to be demolished at the intersection we are looking at, and over 6 other blocks had to be destroyed to build the highway. Like Bon, Uniontown's downtown is separated from the rest of the city by interstate 21.


Dealai Plaza on Market street, home to a weekly farmer's market.


In the southern part of downtown, we have the newly developed Bay view section of the city.


The Uniontown side of the Tunnel.


And last but not least we have Downtown at night.

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The Pennsylvania Turnpike

The magnificent city of Bon! The architecture here is the best around. Today we will be looking at Downtown Bon.


As you can see, Bon has a large variety of buildings in it's downtown.


23 Market Street is currently the tallest skyscraper in the city.


51 8th street ois the second tallest building in the city and is an airplane's best friend at night acting as a lighthouse for the air.


Unlike Englewood, Bon's downtown was planned out. This allowed for a 6 lane highway to pass through the city with ease. Interstate 21 separates Downtown from the CBD.


This also allowed space along the river to be spared for park purposes. But later, two stadiums were built.


The Harry Hess bridge, named in honor of Bon's first mayor, connects Bon with the twin city of Uniontown.


The packle tunnel also connects downtown Bon with Downtown Uniontown, which we will see in the next update.


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