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About this City Journal

A relatively realistic American-style city on the water

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A tour of downtown

Ypsilanti has a strong economy based on the commercial and government sectors. This has led to the creation of a bustling and growing downtown.


Due to its spread out nature and lack of major highways, Ypsilanti has a high level of traffic congestion. The city has built a strong commuter rail and subway system radiating from the center of downtown to solve the problem.


Downtown is centered on a beautiful boulevard leading to the regional capitol building. The large amount of greenspace as well as the excellent subway and road connections to the rest of the city have led to this area having the most valuable real estate in the city.


The east side of downtown is dominated by large government buildings like the regional courthouse, City Park, and residential and office highrises. The city's strong zoning laws have managed to preserve a large amount of natural areas close to the city center.


The west side of downtown is Ypsilanti's main financial center with a number of highrises surrounding the City Cathedral.


Up next: a tour of Ypsilanti's residential neighborhoods and new suburbs!


Welcome to Ypsilanti!

Welcome to Ypsilanti, named in honor of the great Michigan city. Other than the name the cities don't have much in common though..


My Ypsilanti is a prosperous growing city of over 400,000 on the sea. Many of the residents are employed in the large government and commercial sectors.

Up next... a tour of Downtown!

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