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About this City Journal

This is a great city of help..brought by help, I mean.. CCFC. Updates will come almost daily unless I have a good excuse and get busy.. keep checking back.

Entries in this City Journal


Deleted Pictures

I might not be able to post a update tonight as I am busy, but I am showing some scenes that never made it to my City Journal since they were off or I took a extra one. If I took a extra one you might notice a little aniamtion from the original and the deleted/duplicated one. No descriptions for them, and so just enjoy them.. There are 4 of them to be exact, and maybe I'll be able to present another update tonight.

Never seen.

Never seen.

Never seen.

Never seen.

I hope you enjoyed them, some of the pictures show some poor people houses the "Have Nots", but I got rid of them but now I learned that I need to get them back and I'm planning where to let them locate, since some buildings need them to make a good city. I guess a few would be good, but not too many. So, enjoy! I hope to present another update soon.


Replies to Comments

I am repying to comments presented to this city journal, I will showcase my reply to update 1 and 2 while also for the REAL update 3 I will include the comments in it, if you reply to the update 1 or 2 after this update I may not get around to responding so if you post it here I will respond as soon as possible in my posts.

Update #1 Comment Replies to..

joeymozzer: I got that angle with the camera mode on City Life, if you don't have City Life you can't get that angle.

jacqulina: Thanks, I was starting the game for a day or two but then I was like "Why not start this, if I don't it might get too late and the city would be too big." To also note, I wanted to save the records for the future, and I wanted this site to enjoy it.

noypi07: Thanks, if you want all the full details see my response above.

Update #2 Comment Replies to..

kingdiz_55: I was going to be doing one for SimCity 4, but my cities were a bit too big and I was having some problems and didn't want to shwocase a city with some problems, the game is a bit hard too. But anyway, I wanted to try something new and different.. since barely anyone has any city journals for City Life.. it is made by the creators that will be bringing CitiesXL for us. BTW, you will see me make a version of this for CitiesXL but not for SimCity 4.

I would showcase a picture that might hint at something in the future, but I have nothing.. But I will have another update for this city journal tomorrow, and if you waited 2 days for this one you can wait another day for the next update. But to let you know.. I'm taking feedback for what I should do next, or if you want me to showcase another area, or something else.


Tour of the Helping Town

I'm doing a quick tour of the little town that will be turning into a city very shortly, population is nearly 500 people. Now.. if you were to live in this small city, what house would you place yourself? What sociculture would you place yourself in? This city has the fringes and blue collars, it did have some have nots.. but I hope the get the radical chics which are interested to move in, and get the suites and elites. Now on to the tour..

You can view the gallery of these amazing images, or read below for all of the information to go with the pictures.

[Rremoved Slideshow - If you know how to get it to display, please let me know.]

To start off the tour, here's another picture from a far distance but during the daytime. Isn't it beautiful for a city? Makes me want to live there.

Wow! Such a nice city..

Now we head over to the City Hall, it's a good sized one that I get to live in. Don't you wish your house was that big?

This is the city hall, it's getting better.

This is the fire department, they are making sure the city is safe. It looks like right now they don't have anything to do.

The Fire Station.

This is the police station, the police cars seen also make sure no one is breaking and driving laws.

Police Station

This is the kiosk for news and books, it is very amazing to have a job here if you have one.. your just selling amazing books and newspaper, maybe even magazines.

Reading Center

We also have the school where everyone in the city learns as a kid or teen, it's a good school as long as the city keeps funding it, and everyone wants to learns.

The school of knowledge.

This is where the blue collars work, they enjoy the jobs they have otherwise they would be poor and live in a dump like the Have Nots would.

Bue Collars work center.

This is where the fringes live, they have a good color range on the buildings. They have the highest buildings in the city too, I at first didn't like them but I like them since I don't have many in my city. I wish there were more, and I hope to have more soon.

Fringe houses.

This is where the Fringes work, I built them some of the better buildings sooner then the blue collars, now who do you think I like more? The Fringes, of course! They are only about 30% of the whole city and we need more..

Fringes go to work here.

This is the area of where a future bridge will be built, otherwise this road wouldn't be here at all. I know it wasted a bit of money, but at the rate the city is growing.. it will be well worth it when we finally cross the water with a bridge for the first time ever.

Site of a future bridge.

Now to leave you something for the next update, what do you think I'll put here? Since after all I will expand this way to be able to put that bridge over the water, and also be able to build over to that other water source on the other side.. then I think we will see some water reflections. Now this city can be beauty..

Future bridge.

NOTE: Update #1 has been updated to adjust the image size to what is used on this update.. it's so slight you won't notice.



Hello everyone, I'm bringing you my first ever city journal titled "City of Help" and started the city yesterday and have nearly 500 people, my goal is to get up to hundreds of thousands of people living in the city. Since I'm still preparing it I'm going to show off the current city throughout the day. If you want to see a certain area, let me know and I'll showcase many areas next time while also showcasing some new development. For now, to keep you tied over..

The city from a far distance..

This city looks beautiful..

EDIT: Fixed image size, it's so slight you really won't notice it.

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