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A country that never sleeps.

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GeometryMath Algebra


(No fancy region shot yet. It looks pretty horrible, if you ask me.


Welcome to the Island Republic of Geometria! Hence its name, it is the home for great mathematicians and scientists. The republic is located at the boundary of Southeast Asia and East Asia. It is north of the Philippines, east of Taiwan, southeast of China, and south of Japan. The republic is located at the typhoon belt, so it gets battered by typhoons often... :(

The republic is known for its unusual climate. It is classified as a "troperate" region ( :P) because it features the 4 seasons, but it almost never snows there. The average temperature all in all is 28° C. The record high temperature in Geometria is 43.5° C, recorded in August 1995, while the record low is -2° C, recorded in January 2010.

The republic features mostly planes and gentle rolling hills, which are perfect for agricultural communities, dense CBD's, and peaceful subdivisions. The highest point is Mount Matisfun, at 3,501 m above sea level.

It also features a successful and thriving highway system and a modern public transportation system, so Geometria's citizens won't get worried about traffic jams and delays..

Well, not much to show, but here's a pic of the Octalhoma City CBD which will be toured next update:


That's it for today... :D

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