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About this City Journal

I created this region in SC4 terraformer. Now to build a city.

Entries in this City Journal


A growing township

From the barren seed, the village grew.

the township awaits the fertile ground

Through time the township grows.


this is the first village a little while later.

Goal progress

Regional Population 177,000

Largest city

Sunset Delta



The start of a farming community


-so the region is growing nicely, there's plenty more farms than the little start there but that will be the focus of the next entry.


The first Village

the barren seed.

from that seed a village will sprout

a village mattures into a town.

a town becomes a city in time.

in time a city becomes a major metropolitin.

they clamor for clinics, no health no hope, fret my young sims for the hope is far off.

they demand education, educated sims are calm sims.

they smolder for firestations, let the embers grow into a blaze only than will a station be afforded.

Justice will have to be served by thine own hand for awhile as the village taxes can't pay johnny law.


starting with zero simoleans, using the hard mode mod. this was taken shortly after i had a very small surplus of income to pay the teachers.


A Barren Landscape

the landscape fully rendered in SC4 colors. pretty basic, but its the type of landscape i like to play on.

the four large city spaces will be the major metro areas, to the south of the river where there are the rolling hills i will be making farm land. as for the rest, we will see what happens.

the main goals for now are minimum polution and 1,000,000+ Sims.


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