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About this City Journal

A collection of wonderful pictures from the Alexandria Region. I am going to show you the Beauty of building in Sim City 4!

Entries in this City Journal


The Beginning.....

Hi all out there!

My name is Iamsmol :golly: , I'm german and I have until now always played Sim city on my own. I have never published my creations. But again and again I had the idea to show people my creativity. I have never implemented the idea into reality. Now after 6 years of playing this game I decided to change that......

So I want you hereby present my project Alexandria - The Beauty of Sim city 4.

A region which is still in its implementation and in the future, at least I hope, many things will happen .... ;)

The City Journal will not shine with special stories or outstanding Photoshop skills. What is essential in this journal are beautiful pictures of what with the hundreds of downloadable Lots and mods is possible in Sim city 4.

Because I love the landscapes and cities of North America and Canada this theme will dominate in Alexandria.

Thank you also for the many other City Journal that are here on simtropolis. You have always given me inspiration in recent years, so I can finally publish my own journal.

But enough chatter!

Here are the first pictures of a small town in my region. Solace was the first city I've made ​​after 1 year of Sim City 4 break so this is just the beginning, a warm-up. A second much larger city is already almost completed. Photos of this city will follow in the next few days.

In the future, I will also post photos of the still-nascent cities and landscapes.

I hope you'll enjoy it.