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About this City Journal

The news of yesterday - tomorrow! Bay of Piglets metropolitan area official newsfeed.

Entries in this City Journal

Richard Stenseth

In an ongoing effort to elevate the level of firmness glutei maximi in the general area, the mayors office announced a brand new biking campaign earlier today.

"Let's get this citys bikepaths rolled on!.. " the mayor said in an extraordinarily awkward comment to the Bay of Piglets herald this evening. "..Let's get 'em all firmed up!".

Richard Stenseth

Bay of Piglets herald is proud to present to its new offices.

Situated downtown, between the train station and the marina, this classic building provides a great environment to give the readers all of yesterdays most interesting information.

A spacious newly refurbished top floor promises many great cups of coffee, and a really nice view. "We simply refer to the new officespace as 'The Office Penthouse'", we state in a comment to ourselves.

Richard Stenseth

In an ongoing effort to increase value of living throughout the suburbs of Bay of Piglets, the entire fiscal budget is spent establishing green lungs, walkways and bike paths. "And where, just where, are we supposed to play some ball?" area man comments. A local political issue regarding the lack of sports facilities has sprung forward the later months.

We were able to get a comment on the issue from a local politician, "These people will never be satisfied, pay no attention to them". Various other sources confirms this to be the city wide political consensus.

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