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About this City Journal

The 313 is a first-person narrative by 15 year old Drake Kingsley, a ghetto boy caught in the middle of the aging city of Detroit as the modern world turns its back on it.

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Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my new CJ, The 313. This CJ is storyline based around a young teenager who we'll meet in the first chapter later on. I'll let him do most of the talking. What you should know is that the bulk of the book will be centered in and around Detroit, and even though it's primarily a story, the journal will of course take detailed looks at different parts of Detroit. I've never actually been to Detroit myself (with the exception of its airport), but then again, what's the point of writing about a city you already are extensively knowledgeable on?


The story won't exactly be "light", but instead will most likely deal with deeper issues revolving around crime, family, belonging, and especially rebellion. I suppose if you're uncomfortable with these topics this may not be for you.


That being said, welcome, to the 313.