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About this City Journal

A test of Years Ideas & Ambitons I've had for a City Journal

Entries in this City Journal


Well I have a city blocked in 9 large city blocks so far, 4 are developed. Now I will be honest be upfront there I are a lot plops planned, NAM is installed, There are cheats in play(Howdryiam, Fightthepower, Garbage Mods) and its still in progress. So this isnt "organic" but its what I wanted. So here's the layout (Tentative Plan)

___City X___________|_______City Z__ ______|______

__Metro_City West___ |______Metro City______|______

___City Y___________|____________________|______

The Goal is to have a regional population of 1-+2 Million people, Mass Transit Experiments to tried and used (Rail, Monorail, Airports, Subways, Ped Malls)

+Metro City to have a population of 1 Million(not including jobs 250K-500K no industrial except for High Tech), Grand Avenues, Massive use of Mass transit

+Metro City West (No Residential)(Industrial City only) Goals-100K-500K Jobs, Handle Garbage, Utility needs for Metro City

+City X-Goals 250K-300K (Res), Low education (No colleges/City Colleges), Low income only

+City Y-Goals 300K-X (Res), 50K-X (Commerical) (Functional Sububrian City)

+City Z-Goals 250-X (Res), Mixed Growth (Res, Commerical, Industrial)

My hope with all of this is to create a regional powerhouse city that I will show and chart its growth in a chronological journal that all will enjoy from start to finish of a rise of a several cities to a Metro area worthy of National distinction and a storyline that I want you all to be a part of or observe as much as you want.

Wish me well and I'll keep you posted as we go on in the coming weeks


The Annoucement

So I have been wanting to post a city journal here for 5-6 years and I have the time and dedication to do it as of late. My issue is what do I want to publish so as I get my thoughts together and plans I will post what I have in the coming weeks and months on the city plans and directions. So please be patient on the progress and plans I have as its presently in progress.

Thank you


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