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About this City Journal

Perezelia Is a Tropical Map. Details coming soon!

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Heres's Some Info About Perezelia and What we will Be Doing, Perezelia Is Tropical Island,It Has A few Mysterys That The sims don't Know about Yet,As Our Education Goes Further We Will Figure Out More About Our City, In This City Journal I will Need You Guy's Help, Certain Things Will Requrie You Our City Viewers Too Help Make Decisions On Where Our City Goes! When The Time Comes For Voting I will Post A Link Too The Polls,And Acourse The Decision With The Most Votes Will Be Put Into Play! So Please Enjoy This CJ And I Will Try Too Get The First Update Very Soon! Please Rate!

Here Are A few Teaser Pictures!

Edit: Here's An Esample for the Voting! http://www.poll-maker.com/poll24098x5b2B415d-2

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