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About this City Journal

A natural growth Journal about a village turning a country.

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Hi, this is my first Cit Journal, so I don't think I'm going to work with a well worked story, but, please, enjoy.

I'm going to make a Natural Growth town, so i'll build based on demand.

Mods used:




(I might add SPAM for agriculture soon)



Bezigue, I don't remember who made it right now, I'll search later.

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Welcome to Jihran, a small village in the region of Sontha.


The village started as a small fishermans community, but soon that was going to change.


Some of the villagers started farming the land, and that soon brought new people searching for a new live.


The village started to grow, in two years more houses appeared, and the population started to grow...


... and more farms appeared.

But something more happened here.


Maxwell, a business man, built his house in the village, he stated that that place was going to improve a lot because he wanted to be in charge. Some people didn't liked that, thinking it was going tu ruin their pacific life, but some others accepted him as a member. Since that moment, Jihran started to be Town in development.

Because of the complainment of some people that didn't wanted Maxwell to be there, he started to work.


Some people were compliAning about the possibility of a fire, Maxwell ordered to build quickly a fire station, and he made sure that it had as many members as possible.

By now, Jihran is growing well, there were still some complainment because some people still didn't trusted Maxwell, But something was for sure, the town was going to ger bigger.

A photo of Jihran:



Please, tell me any mistake and comment, thanks and enjoy ;)

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