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About this City Journal

Based on a successful city from SimCity 3000, I decided to re-create this city in SimCity 4. This is my first time starting a CJ, so please comment! Watersauga has a beautiful harbour...

Entries in this City Journal


A Brief History

Welcome to the Regional Municipality of Watersauga CJ ! Our CJ is updated by five different mayors and a regional chair.

Background Information (Realistically) 

Watersauga was a city with over 2,000,000 population from SimCity 3000. However, my unreliable PC has washed everything off my hard drive. I later created a region in SimCity 4 with a population as high as 1,000,000 but like before, everything vanished again. Now that I switched to a Mac (Apple advertisement, sorry for that for PC fans), I can trust it and re-build Watersauga. The current Watersauga is based on what I have in memory...

The name "Watersauga" comes from a North American Native word "Mississauga" (also a name of a city in Ontario).

Background Information (Fictionally) 

In the year 1993 BCE, Sir Nicholas M. Tam traversed through the wild, and found a beautiful harbour near the edge of what is now the Watersauga Bay. He travelled along the harbour, and finding that the harbour gradually narrows into a scenic river, winding through valleys. He decided to build a settlement in western side of the harbour, which was called "Watersauga". In the year 33 CE, a horrific volcano has erupted, which wiped off the entire city.

No one knew a city existed there in this site. Not a single person. In the year 2000 CE, a person with the same name travelled to the area, made the same observation, and decided to start a settlement here. When the workers build houses, they found out documents from the previous city, and discovered the whole regional plan and city plan. They also understand that this city was originally called "Watersauga". Hence they started a new city at the same site named "Old Watersauga".

It has been 135 years since, and the growth rate of the cities was not very spectacular, but was impressive enough, as Old Watersauga grew from a tiny farming village to a booming city of 155,000 people with 100% mayor rating without any plugins (though plugins started to be introduced in the beginning of the year 2135). To the west of Old Watersauga, a seaport named "Port Credit" also gave way to developments and home to 36,000. Following the Port Credit - Ottawa pipeline north to the Ottawa Oil Field, this new development started in the year 2100, and is now home to already 13,000. 

East of Old Watersauga, a historical village with a steadily declining population is found. Named Rebecca - Randolph, the township is home to about 17,000. Tracing the Rebecca - Randolph River north to its ultimate source is King City. King City is home to about 25,000.

All of these cities will be explained in detail much later. So stay tuned to this CJ!

What's On In The Next Issue

- Regional Map

- Regional Plan

- Pictures

Update 1 Ends Here

By: Regional Municipality of Watersauga Chair

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