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New Region City

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First things first...

I will first post images later on, right now I want to do a basis of what I wanna do:

1) Start fresh and with a kick, I hope to get some real input with this new city ( I named it New Region City cause I ran out of good ideas)

2) Try and mix up all the lovely types of buildings to create as realistic of a game as possible

3) Limit the number of mods I have

  • So far, to my knowledge I have the following

  1. A Digger Set,
  2. A No Trucks Barrier Set
  3. a God Terraforming in Mayor Mod...
  4. I dunno if I have NAM or not, I prolly need to reinstall it... Not sure though... Heh

4) I would love to have a single part in the whole region that deals with the following things

  • TransporationUtilties (water, garbage, electric, etc)

I could love as much input as humanly possible and I will login and view this CJ as often as I can =D

Next entry will be the introduction of my first location in the WHOLE region =D

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