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Simcity 4

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The city of Nutosia is a small city in the land of Castos Metropole.

The meaning of this place is to make it as self-supporting as possible. Situated near a historical coastline of the innersea of Castos Metropole it is a very romantic place to visit.


All energy is clean. supported by Wind mails the city creates IT’S OWN ENERGY.

It all started off really small and simple. A few houses,filled with young families.

Soon there were more demands for things like schools and shops. Police station and fire arms and of course a doctor and some kind of leadership.


Right now it’s under a lot of construction.

Most industries are pretty dirty but nevertheless very important.


What you see here is that the low wealth residential are separated from the medium Residential, also there is left over a little spot to produce oxygen for the people.and take away the pollution.


What you see here is a little church dedicated to the most important happening in the history of nutosia, even some people say that one of the first Mayans came from this little spots in the woods




Hello everyone, i am going to make a city journal about a 24x24 region i created the landscape is not terraformed yet that is the reason that i am not going to give you guys a region picture just yet, i will try to post daily and put some dedication in here!, this also is my second region so if anyone of you has some tips and tricks or some nice BAT's plz link me or tell me i will put a poll almost every day to keep up with what you guys to see!, Hope You enjoy!