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Free City of Cologne

Welcome to the free city of cologne. I'm sorry but this will have to be a short visit. We will be arriving late and will have to leave early, Sorry about this but nothing can be done. Here we are aproching the heart of the city.


So see you in the morning for a visit to the centre.

Good Morning, This is the square


And that is all you are getting today, next time should have more substance to it



First of all I would like to welcome you to Argea and the Union of Nations

For more information and so I don't have to right it look here:

http://attendthis.net/cba/topic/45-what-is-the-union-uon-faq/ and this terribly out of date page http://attendthis.net/cba/index.php?/cp/1-union-of-nations/. This CJ is a joint one from all the members who have Simtropolis accounts.


Basically it is a collection of states. Here is more information


County of Holland

Well this is based of Holland in the real world, I is a beautiful place so lets start our tour.

First of all the capital,

This is one of the main roads in, you will notice the large tennis park. This becomes very busy during the height of summer.


Now this is one of many churches in the city, it is also a transit hub and focal point for day tourists due to it's connection to the main road network.


This is the hart of the city and in days gone past was the centre of trade, now it is made of expensive holiday apartments and shops for them


Thanks for visiting, who knows where next


Well this is my first proper CJ entry so be nice but please comment so I may improve.

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