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About this City Journal

The Region with over 7 millions people living in sectors like city. This is the fan fiction city from Final Fantasy VII. It depicts the future of Midgar, Edge and neighbors 600 years after...

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Midgar central was the huge project from WRO to built the city without use of Mako, so everythings was removed included the Junon Cannon.

The contruction began with Rufus Shinra hope to restore the better life to the city. WRO workers worked very hard in the first two years to demolished the ruined of Midgar before building the new city without the walls on the same foundation.

The black  building in the center is World Government Building, this is where all the meeting and voting on the construction projects is held.


Region View and history

Stitched_251.JPG                    Wonfing - named after Winning >>won on the fight with geostigma and  the Jenova cell crisis. 

-Upper right island the Capitol city.>> Midgar City and WRO HQ, population about 2millons.

-Upper center >> Wetborough, the new city built after the river was formed with the help of Lifestream.

-Upper left >> Wonfingburg, the city of industry, underconstruction.

-Center mainland>> Wonfing Regions, the land of freedom, no tax for everyone.

-Lower left >> Crownsburg >> The City of entertainment.

-Right mainland >> to the Choccobo Farm and Edge region.

The region is the freeworld country except some restrict WRO(World Restoration Organization) area. The cities are divided with section system, people can only traveled between cities by highway and train system, road isn't WRO transportation standard for cities commuting.


It was built in 40 years with huge funding from WRO, with unlimited resource base on the motto "Benefit with no cost".

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