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About this City Journal

A Video journal by Gaming With Ryan

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Hello everybody! Sadly this will have to be the last episode of anything simcity that I will do... at least until the game is relatively problem free. After producing nearly 130 episodes of Simcity, spending almost 200 hours playing and spending double that time preparing episodes I have decided I've had enough. I do hope to come back one day once modders are allowed to have their way with the game but until then I will be "putting it on the shelf". I do hope you check out a Simcity challenge I completed a few days ago as well as my newly started Simcity 4 series! I do not know if I am going to be making a CJ of that or not but either way the episodes will be on my youtube channel. Thank you to everybody who has watched my series and all of the views and subscriptions to my channel are greatly appreciated. You are all awesome and I hope you have a good day. Links will be under the video.

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Hello everybody! I would just like to thank everybody for helping me grow my youtube channel! I have been offered to join TGN twice in the last week and after doing some research and reading over the contract I have decided to join their network! So thank you all for everything and I appreciate all the views, subscriptions and comments!

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After sitting and thinking long and hard about how I can fix the issues I am having I decided that a break in not necessary. Episodes will be continuing as usual but with some major changes to the two cities that are causing me some issues. Sorry for the frustration in this episode but things were really getting to me.

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