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About this City Journal

My first crack at a CJ. I am taking some liberties at the expense of learning the concepts of regional play. This region is focused on layout and commute times.

Entries in this City Journal


 Since this is my first crack at both a CJ and regional play I am just going to go with the flow here and see what happens.  I am sure this region won't turn out the way I want, I am counting on the experience to help me later though.  I'll start right off the bat by saying I am using a few cheats.  I am doing this because there are concepts of regional play I am not wanting to tacking this go round'.  I am using the "fightthepower" and "howdryiam" cheats to not have to be worried about power and water sharing.  I am also giving myself a significantly large sum of starting money so I can set up the region the way I think BEFORE I actually start populating it.

So here is the first screenshots of my elevated highway and bridge network connecting all the land masses.  The island in the centre, and its surrounding squares will be the CBD.  I plan on some farms, haven't figured out where to put those yet.


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