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About this City Journal

This Journal showcases shanty towns within my regions.

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Slumton Leghundri is absolutely...poor!! It has a salt mine, uranium mine and a Waste to Energy Plant. I know i've told you that i'm doing a slum region, but for those who don't know, I am making a region full of slums, yes, slums. Anyway, Slumton Leghundri is easily the poorest settlement shanty town, just have a look at these photos and you'll get the picture. We are only a small step into our shanty region, i'll post a picture of our region so far in the next entry.


The Shanty Sprawl


Kwqerna residents mostly arrived in the once prosperous region of 'Snow Cold Region' from other regions and have claimed the land and replaced it with shantys. This city is home to 35,000 and lacks the basic services and needs such as water, education, safety, fire stations and even recreation. Kwqerna is also home to a oil power station, a coal power station and a natural gas power station.

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