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About this City Journal

A city journal documenting develpoments on the road to the Southport 2014 simlympics bid

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Hi all

i thought id just update you on the current situation regarding videos. Due to my revision for GCSEs, i have not had time to edit the first episode yet however i should be able to do that this weekend. Also ive been working on a flag for the nation of Britannia. Ive only just started using photoshop so it looks pretty bad so if you can make a better flag then id love to see it! Anyway here it is :)



Hello and welcome to my city journal. My name is Ben and this is my journal documenting my bid for the 2014 simlympics. This journal is a tie-in with my "road to the simlympics" youtube series which is starting shortly. I will post a link to every video in the series in this journal so that you can keep up to date with the latest developments. One final point for this first post, if anyone has a good region name that i could use then please leave a comment! :)

Thanks for reading

Ben Willis

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