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Los Angeles

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About this City Journal

This city is currently the anchor of the larger San Francisco Region, with major expansion in the low lying valleys to the west, and additional smaller regional cities to the south and east....

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Los Angeles keeps sprawling westward, on the only developable land, in between the North Vallejo Hills and the South Palisade Cascades.  The Central Business District has shifted with this growth as well, encompassing a couple major skyscrapers within the past year.


An overhead view of the emerging Arena District, with the Greater Los Angeles Convention Center & Pac-Valley Park, where the LA Surfers play baseball.  There is a mix of high-tech business incubators, as well as condominiums, townhomes, and medium wealth commercial office & services relocating to this area.


This corridor was recently converted to avenue with ground-light-rail runing down the center of the roadway.  Elevated highway once existed here, which was downgraded to avenue, before its current state, just as the Uptown District was emerging.  Also centered in this part of "midtown" LA is the Central Library, City Hall, City Courthouse, and the North Vallejo Valley Business District (to the right of the avenue)



Old First Ward

Old First Ward, is the first neighborhood established in the City of Los Angeles.  It sits in the northeastern quadrant of the city, and is bound to the west by the Pacific Coast Freeway, and the original Central Business District to the south. 

The city underwent a transformation from elevated highways to avenues in most sections, and is currently undergoing construction to incorporate ground-light-rail avenues in newer neighborhoods, courtesy of the Network Addon Mods. 

As more commercial land was developed, half of the old CBD was rezoned high-tech industry to account for the increased demand and relocation of major offices to a more central location within the city's core activities.  Some of the vacancy is prevalent below, as is the conversion from elevated highway to avenue, and back to highway.

(Looking southwest)


(Looking northeast)


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