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About this City Journal

A collection of cities before and after revamped.

Entries in this City Journal



The town of Auckland is much like it's real life counterpart (except with out the apartments) and it's now a nice, clean, liveable city. Nestled near the Timbuktu Lake, this city takes advantage of it's majestic location and is also home to beautiful red woods. However, it was not always like this. It was previously like other Timbuktu cities, horrible and disgraceful. Please comment and rate this :)


Project #1 - Aspendale Revamp

This took a lot...of work, as you already know it was destroyed by numerous cyclones, UFOs and more!

The City is now a hub for plantation and wildlife, which has greatly improved quality of life in Aspendale.

Crime has reduced and so has pollution.

P.S - Sorry I have used the Old Aspendale picture so many times :P



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