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About this City Journal

A collection of cities combined!

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By The Way, this will be my last journal using small pictures, the next journals will have much larger pictures. Emanthorpe is a small little community of just 77 people, completely isolated from several communities. The town was devasted by fire and for some time, largely remained abandoned. Sims hated coming through Emanthorpe in this period and it soon got the label of a ghost town. The Rural Council of Emanthorpe, starting taking drastic action and after several months, soon became a village again.



Aspendale (formerly Grag) and Smithtown hate each other so much, Smithtown ordered a UFO to attack Aspendale. It started because Pollution was affecting Smithtown and it was polluting the waterways and ruining tourism. Aspendale kept on polluting. The city had a massive crime rate and also had many abandoned buildings. So, Smithtown cut access to Aspendale and started to destroy their city. They done this so they may stop polluting the city and Smithtown.

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