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Corte Real

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from medieval times to...

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Time flies

with time, more settlers arrive and the structures of power gain form. Families become richer, lands are explored, lords are entitled. And therefore are raised the first walls of Corte Real. Other villages are built around, maily by farmers that will sell their products at the city market.


Te Deum

When visiting the area, a banch of monks in search of a place for rest and pray realised that that was the place that they were hoping for. Crossing the river to the other margin, they built a camp for retirement, living from what nature would provide to them. Fishing and planting, they would sell what was left at town's market, starting this way to build a strong relation with the people that was leaving around, a relation that latter would start to produce several fruits...



The beginning

The mighty town of Corte Real was not built on a single day.

It all started with the first settlers that came to the region, escaping from the cold of the north. "The winter is comming" they said "only on the south we will find peace". Convinced that the area was fertile due to its proximity to the river and vast florestal areas, they started planting and building their own farms. A life was being restarted. Bringing their own habbits and traditions, after a while, a small town was erected and a place to praise his god was created, as a sign of gratitude for the prosperous crops and for the peace that they finally found.


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