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About this City Journal

A new Let's Play by Ryan123220

Entries in this City Journal


This series is nearing the end. I have been having less and less fun each day trying to play the region because of all the issues. Thank you to everybody that has supported me! Don't forget to subscribe to www.youtube.com/Ryan123220!

Also check out www.facebook.com/Gamingwithryan

I will be starting a new series after patch 4.0 on the new region they will be adding. Hopefully things will run smoother and future patches dont screw things up again.

Thanks for watching!

(There are 2 more episodes on the way here at simtropolis)


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(comment I posted on the video)

I did not get any real feedback on how the alloys should be done, but a member at Simtropolis said they would be interested in hearing my previous work history story. So here it is! Its long and complicated and I am sorry if it is hard to follow. If there are any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!

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