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south-american costal city and its suburbs.

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Sirachai Island

FIrst of all, id like to ask all of you to post what you think my cj's name should be. Im going to have you guys decide alot of the names for my towns, cities, countries, and mountains. evereything.

downtown historical district of the boomtown called sirachai island.


The condos, apartments, Hotels, and Time Shares.


And here is the smallest island. It is said that one day, a fisherman, who was out farther than normal, caught a huge carp. it was so strong he thought it was a whale, but he had one of the strongest lines around, so he held on. The xarp kept trying to run away and pulled him even farther out. then a giant storm hit him. the carp got away , but then the biggest wave the fisherman had ever seen appeared. The carp was inside the wave! when the wave swallowed up his boat, the carp had hit him smack in the head and knowcked him out. he awoke haveing washed up on the shore of the below island, and eventually got back to teh mainland, bringing back more people to colonize the larger island nearby.


here is the town hall


Thanks for looking at my cj! make sure to post your ideas for my cj;s name down below in the cooments. MEOWBYE.

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