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A Youtube CJ by Ryan

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Episode 7 is up! If you are still playing SimCity 4, I am giving away my copy of the full Simtropolis collection as well as my extra disk 4!!! Subscribe to my channel to be notified when the contest video is out and to have a chance at winning!

*****I ran Into some issues with my contest... Google refused to take my advertisement money, and I got copyrighted. I will be looking into this and starting the giveaway again when things are settled*****


New entry! The bugs are starting to cause issues, but I fight though it! If you would like to play a region with me and other subs, Subscribe to the channel and send me a message. Were waiting on a couple more people so that we can all start about the same time.

Thank you to everybody that is watching! This CJ is almost at 700 views already! Just astounding! You are all fantastic.