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The United Cities of Inandia

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So I'm starting a new region and my cities are not growing! Well only the smaller ones are growing, but no big cities at all! I try to create a big city but the population remains at zero!

My medium and small towns are growing but nothing major.. My biggest city so far is Beckheign and the population is growing around 44 to 45,000 people.

My 2nd new city is called , simply, Oklahoma and its not growing more than 2,900 people! its a pretty town though.

Oklahoma is now mainly a small farming town, but was originally intended to be a pretty good size city, its not growing more than 2,900 people! So i just put down farms , nice nieghborhoods, schools , hospitals, the usual stuff but thats about it.

I continue to try and create a major big city but after try after try I still have not been able to do it. My older region had Chrisville which is still the biggest city I have ever created and that grew to 480,000 before people started leaving the city. Ciudad de Los Volcanos was my 2nd largest city at 394,000 people. I just wanted to start up a new region and so here i am!

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