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About this City Journal

A look at SimCity building through the eyes of a beat reporter pounding the streets to find the news that's happening now. Everybody has a story, this is how I tell it.

Entries in this City Journal


Awhile back, I said I would be covering my city from the viewpoint of a reporter. Well, the time has come to get this started and I have finally been able to get my SimCity 2013 city off the ground. Introducing Cedar Hills (pop. 2,643).


Cedar Hills is a working-class city spread between two mesas on Paradise Island, located in the North Carolina island chain and serviced by Route 12. Coal and iron ore are the dominant resources here, but the close proximity to the sea could lend Cedar Hills to tourism opportunities. So sit back and enjoy the life and times of Cedar Hills as I bring them to you as a real-life journalist covering a virtual city.



Hello all, I've read quite a few CJ's over the past couple of days and weeks and looking forward to growing my own once the game is released next month. I am a reporter by trade and decided I would do my CJ from the eyes of a reporter covering my own city. It's a good challenge for me as a writer to find the news stories in a virtual game.

The following is the type of journal I hope to create, with the style of entries I am planning. The newspaper name and town name are just placeholders for now until my city gets up and running. I hope you enjoy reading my entries as I think I will enjoy bringing you the "news" as it happens.

Thanks for reading!

- Speezy


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