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About this City Journal

Obama city is one of my first realistic citis ever with over 400000 people commuting everyday is one of the busiest cities in the obama metro area is the city located along the henderson river

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dre el heffe hendrix

not all places in Obama City are beatifull riding down the emmitt till expressway one can see this during the 70's the city had a large population of poor sims needing housing so the state granted the city 100 million dollars to build these projects , this area of the city is not safe one of the city's neighboorhood hit hard by the crack epidemic , as of today is still a heavy drug traffic area . There are plans to destroy the Emmitt Till hosuing project but descion has not been passed yet



dre el heffe hendrix

SInce Obama City middle class is very large it has very dense surburbs this is due to the fact the city is growing larger as you can see a sim is never to far from a higway making easy to commute to work the middle class is 50 %white 30 % black 10 % asain 10% cuban making a very diverse palce to live jukiopl_zps2d8bbbad.jpg



dre el heffe hendrix

Obama metro

Downtown Obama City is one of simtroplis most face paced with over 400000 commuting daily in the city limits , one of the highly congested area in the city i-60 and i-71 runs the city creating seat and west bound highway and a noth and south bound highway . As you can see Obama City growth has been successfull with the beatifull buildings the line throug the i-60 corrdiorhjuiloop_zps2b5e8244.jpg\ The Average tempture iN Obam city is 85 degrees making it sort southern tropical place to live The Obama metro train or the OMT runs thru many parts of the city and nieghboring counties making a dense and advanced tranportion system

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