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Occupants: Tibbitston- 201 people, Mecklensville 1,054, Chanhassen 372, Portstown North 523, Portstown 705.

Settled on the Kenston River, the micropolitan area named after Kenston River was developed. Mecklensville & Chanhassen are the Central Business District of the area, with commuters from all over. Portstown is the industrial center of the area, the 5th biggest in the state. Portstown is also classified as a bedroom community. Tibbitston is home to Kenston River Regional Airport. Tibbitston is the tiniest town in the entire state. Just 2 hours from Lancaster Falls Metro, 45 minutes to Kensington Bay, and 28 minutes to Whitebay Hills, The Kenston River is the perfect place for you and your family.


Here is the residential district of Mecklensville.


Central Business District of Mecklensville.


Central Business District of Chanhassen.


Chanhassen is home to Kenston River Medical Center, the area's largest hospital.


Portstown North aerial view

More will come soon! :-)

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