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About this City Journal

A fresh metropolitan area nestled in a coastal mountain range. Plenty of coastline and varied terrain.

Entries in this City Journal


Terra firma taking shape

The landscape is shaping up... i'm using SC4Terraformer, since the brush tools are SOO much nicer than the in-game ones.

While I brush away (this is all by hand), I'm thinking about mods. I want the city to have a nice warm temperate feel.. San Diego-ish =] Any suggestions? Looking into NAM and the real highway mod. Appearance-wise, i've seen a lot of different things. I want to keep it simple but maybe just better looking.



Hey guys. Just starting work on my first serious attempt at region-building. I've been looking at some of the stuff on here and I'm inspired to do something awesome. So here i'll be detailing the process of creating Bay Valley - a fresh new metropolis nestled in a coastal mountain range.

Not sure yet if I'll be doing the actual terraforming in SC4 or something else like sc4terraformer.. Still experimenting and learning how to best do that. More work on that tonight.

In the meantime, here's the landmass shape.. the white is land:


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