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An introduction


Venray is a UN member state located in the South Pacific Ocean. Being an island, the commonwealth has no land borders, however the nation is located to the east of Australia, the west of New Zealand, and the south of New Caledonia.

Due to its location, the island was inhabited by aboriginal peoples for millenia, however the island was first 'discovered' by the Dutch. The island was colonized by the British in the 1700s, and remained a colony until becoming a dominion in 1875. The country is still a member of the British Commonwealth, and HM Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state.

Although colonized by the British, there is a strong french influence on the northern island of Westmorland, mainly due to its proximity to New Caledonia.

Venray is also a regional power in the Pacific and very active on the world stage, Venray is a member of the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, OECD, APEC, Pacific Islands Forum, the World Trade Organization and the province of Westmorland belongs to Francophonie.


This in in fact the third time iv rebuilt Venray from the ground up, and with each generation a new level of detail and realism. To kick things off, I take you to the capital, Victoria. Specifically, the Summer Garden shopping district.


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