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The Border City

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Welcome everyone to my 1st CJ please bear with me as I have never done anything like this before.

Introduction – History

The City of Carlisle is in the County of Cumbria and currently the major settlement. And serves as the administrate centre for both Carlisle City Council and Cumbria County Council.

The early history of Carlisle is marked by its status as a Roman settlement, established to serve the forts on Harridans Wall. During the middle ages, because of its proximity to the Kingdom of Scotland, Carlisle became an important Military Stronghold.

The introduction of textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution began a process of Socioeconomic transformation in Carlisle. Which developed into a densely populated mill town.

As a frontier town for over a millennium and half, Carlisle is military city, it is the most besieged city in the British Isles having beaning besieged ten times and has garrisoned troops for most of its history (a small garrison is still held in the city to this day)

Nicknamed the Border City, Carlisle is today the main cultural and commercial centre for north Cumbria.

Carlisle is home to a variety of museums and heritage centre.

Introduction – Present Day

On the 4th Nov 2012 the current sitting council and sitting council cabinet resigned, which forced the current mayor to leave the city and pave the way for elections.

The City of Carlisle has been neglected for the past 5 years, this the reason the council resigned. The city descended into a lawless poor city.

All public services do not exist and their buildings have been demolished or turned into homes. The sims of the city have to travel outside of the city to find work and all public services.

The City of Carlisle gains all power and water services from surrounding towns, which is costing the city a huge amount on these services. This is something the sims were voice during the last administration.

The city vaults are full but that’s thanks to the last mayor neglecting and refusing to spend on the city.

On the 10th Nov 2012 the city held elections and myself and my party was voted into office with a landslide vote.

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