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L-City redux: Part 1

Before I start, I want to say I used a unlimited money cheat to make this more interesting.

Cheat: link

Code: "moolah 133713371337" (Without the quotation marks, also I didn't make this.)

First on the list: North District


  • National Airport
  • Really dirty (AKA Air Pollution: 2000%)
  • 51.000 people

Second on the list is: South District


  • Newest
  • 400 people
  • No pollution yet
  • Popular resort for people from North (I installed a mod for inter-regional travel)

I'll cover the next 2 ones in the next entry, but for now I'll give the statistics of the region:

  • Big
  • 118.000 people
  • Average year: 2020 (brought down by south and east)
  • Plains
  • Has an Atlantic Ocean

Cya later!

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