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Introduction to Multnomah

Multnomah is the third biggest city within April County. The city itself has a realistic population of 210,000 citizens, and a metro area of about 490,000.

Multnomah was originally started as a major seaport city in the late 1800's, but when the cities population began to rise and hit 100,000 sims the seaport got less and less attention as the boardwalk grew. Then one day in the late 60's the mayor decided to get rid of the last seaport.

Now the City is probably the most urban of all of the cities currently in april beach, with a long boardwalk that stretches approximatly 3.2 miles. The city has thousands of flowerbeds and is a very green city.

Life here is great, the city has a outstanding traffic system and poverty is low.


Today I only have a few pictures for you, but when the next update comes I will have alot more of Multnomah.



Here you can see the Highway system intwined within a field of flowers planted by the city in the 80's as a renewal project. You can also see the boardwalk and the apartments around it.


Here is the city center, the town hall is in the very center of the boardwalk. The town square can also be seen here, and the buildings that line the boardwalk. You can also see some highrise apartment buildings.


Here you can see the main street interchange, and the area surrounding it.


In this photo you can see Middleton Park and North April University.


Here is Multnomah International Airport, and the greenspace surrounding it.

Thanks for reading, comments Welcomed.

Edit: Sorry these are all night shots, I took these at night and forgot about daylight ones too.

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