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About this City Journal

All of our regions and cities, including a brief description on them.

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Isolated Far North [West]

Ahh....Just imagine unpolluted air, lovely gorges and barely any civilization, that's West IFN! Wyvalakingra is the largest township with 550 people. It is home to a massive Uranium Mine (Thanks to Simtropolis!) and also a couple farms. Anamawryla is home to a major space port and employs most of Wyvalakingra. The area is vastly remote, so it is best that sims take plenty of supplies! The next township after Wyvalakingra is Raf Yawa which is two districts away. The Gungagong Valley is stunning and it also is a major tourist destination.

Question : Tell us, what is your remotest region? Just Comment Below :)


Isolated Far North (District) [Picture 1]

The Isolated Far North is part of the massive region of Cairo! The area is extremely remote and carrying supplies is very important. Oukladore is a major employment hub for people who live in the Central Slopes District (Coming Soon). The Inland Highway (A1) is a important route which extends from Orthwes in the far west Central Slopes to Habbington, just south of the Isolated Far North.

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