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Ee's Assortment

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About this City Journal

A random assortment of pictures. Format and style may vary but I hope you enjoy viewing every update and picture.

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Onel Assortment

Hello :D

Today I have a selection of picture from my most recently made city. Onel is a vibrant city with a many cultures.


One of the notable buildings is the old brewery. Most active in the 60's it has been unoccupied since the 90's when the owner was shot by a local vigilante calling himself the new Robin Hood. Before shooting him the vigilante stole all his money.


Another notable part of the city is the iconic french quarter. This forms the heart of the city.


Away from Onel, I have been experimenting with mmp water and bridges. The idea is to make it look like the water drains under the bridge. What do you think?




Hi Guys :)

I am back doing making a CJ after a long time. (too long :P). Some of you may know me some of you won't so a little bit a about me. My name is Ee99 though you can call me Ed if you like. My CJ style tends to vary with my original CJ's ,Obyershire and Eeshire, being in a style similar to that of a Rural Britain and then Torglavia being a Nordic style. Though recently I have been experimenting with the Japanese/Chinese style. This isn't to say that every update will be Asian but the picture I show today is.

The Pathway that divides.


This is probably one of the stranger idea I've had to do with SC4. The idea started off with putting the pathway across the screen and wanting to make one side of the pathway urban and the other rural. When I finished the urban side, it looked less downtown then i wanted though I think this made the picture look better as it gave it a more consistent height. My favorite side to make was the rural side even though looking back the pond could of been a bit better with more sand around it's edges.


Normally I would show more pictures though it took me longer then I thought to write that intro and I don't have time and don't want to do another short paragraph describing the second picture I had :P. Please comment with your thoughts and thanks for viewing :)

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